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The LETG is committed to identifying, developing and promoting best practice in legal training and development, and representing the interests of its members in ensuring quality in legal education, and appropriateness of the regulation of legal education and training to the profession’s needs.

The LETG fulfils four key functions for its members:

  • to act as a think tank and pressure group on behalf of member firms on all training and professional development issues;
  • to provide networking opportunities;
  • to enable knowledge sharing; and
  • to support and train the learning & development professional.

Think tank and pressure group

The LETG liaises regularly with the Solicitors Regulation Authority (“SRA”).

To date the LETG has lobbied (and is lobbying) in respect of:

  • the Legal Training Framework
  • the Legal Practice Course
  • LPC providers assessment gradings
  • the CPD regime
  • the Trainee Solicitors Guide to Authorisation
  • the Trainee Recruitment Code
  • training and guidance for Training Principals
  • the Professional Skills Course
  • the Qualified Lawyers’ Transfer Test
  • Management Course Stage One

Members’ opinions are sought through consultations and by organising events on topics of current interest so that members can hear from practitioners and regulators and get answers (or not) to their questions.

Networking and Knowledge Sharing

The LETG Committee recognises the continuous development of the training function in firms and provides opportunities for those involved in legal training to network, to benchmark and to share experience and ideas, and to meet training providers.

These opportunities include the annual conference, the annual awards evening and a variety of workshops, breakfast briefings and provider showcases.

The LETG website is a significant resource for our members. It contains a knowlege sharing area, where you can research a range of resources such as articles, papers and podcasts by keywork or category, which is constantly being updated. There is also a discussion board for you to ask other LETG members questions and track responses.

We now have an LETG group on LinkedIn to facilitate knowledge sharing and continually explore how social media and technology can benefit knowledge sharing amongst our members.

Supporting the Learning & Development Professional

The LETG has established relationships with a large number of training providers and consultants, all of whom have been recommended by LETG members. The website contains a recommended providers list to help members source different types of training, and providers and consultants are regularly invited to events, either as presenters or as attendees for networking and benchmarking purposes.

Getting involved

If you work in a law firm and are interested in what we do, why don’t you join us? Please contact our administrator Cathy Roberts for details of how to do that. And if you are a provider or consultant, please click here to see how you can be involved.

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