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This notice sets out how the LETG holds, processes and treats personal data and special category data.  Personal data is, briefly, information about a living individual which can identify them. In the context of the majority of the information the LETG holds, this information is name, address, email and occasionally telephone (used primarily for promoting events, news and resources and not for fundraising or other direct marketing).

Special category data (formerly called sensitive personal data) is, briefly, personal data that is sensitive and must be treated with more care.  In the context of the LETG, this may be religion (for food preferences at events) or medical history (again for food preferences or to make reasonable adjustments at events). 

Anyone who requires further information please visit the Information Commissioner's website –  – or contact Cathy Roberts, the LETG Co-ordinator via

Who we are

The LETG is committed to identifying, developing and promoting best practice in legal training and development, and representing the interests of its members in ensuring quality in legal education, and appropriateness of the regulation of legal education and training to the profession’s needs. 

We are the data controller of personal data supplied to us.  We are committed to best practice in dealing with the personal data we control, following our duties under the principles of the General Data Protection Regulation and other statutes and regulations. 

The LETG is run primarily by volunteers from law firms who give their time for free for the benefit of the LETG.  The LETG does not have any premises nor own its own computer equipment.  We use cloud storage to hold membership and events lists (OneDrive) which are only accessed by the LETG Co-ordinator and utilise Mailchimp to distribute emails to members and providers, details of which are drawn from the membership list held on OneDrive. We also hold our accounting data using FreeAgent.  

What we collect

We collect the personal data of our members, both law firm and provider members at the time of renewal of membership fees and in connection with events and activities.  The data is supplied to us by the data subject (you).  Membership and event details are kept by our LETG Co-ordinator on a database with very restricted access. We also collect member recommendations on our website for external providers. Third parties who may from time to time hold personal data of our members if they, for example, conduct research on behalf of the LETG.

Why we collect it

We collect personal data for one or more of the following reasons:

1. As part of your membership

a. Managing your subscription benefits including the right to attend conferences, events, networking events and accessing website resources

b. For communicating news and information

c. For processing tickets, sales, refunds for memberships and events

2. For the legitimate interests of the LETG, including

a. Regulatory updates

b. Conducting, sharing and facilitating research

c.  Sharing knowledge and information

d.  Feedback on events

We are a membership organisation and contact is made with members about events, news and activities which are only open to members.

Personal data required for events and LETG Activities

Events at the LETG include:

Conferences   The annual conference in London usually includes the AGM.  Other conferences take place from time to time outside London. Members sign up to attend these events.

Showcases Members sign up for these ad hoc events where providers of more unusual forms of training are able to demonstrate a session.

Back to Basics sessions   Members sign up for these ad hoc events. These are events which provide training fundamentals for Learning & Development professionals. 

Awards   This is an Awards evening for the best L& D projects and provides networking opportunities.

Regulatory updates   These  could,  for example, relate to changes affecting learning and development and the legal profession.

Other networking events From time to time, social and other networking events take place.

Special category data  may be gathered if a participant has specific dietary or medical requirements for an event.   The data will be kept and shared on a 'need to know' basis for the duration of the event (for example, we may share dietary information with a venue to ensure the health and safety of the person involved). Once the event is over the special category data will be destroyed.

External Provider Recommendations

These are stored on a database on our website and includes testimonials.

What we will not do with your personal data

We will never sell your data.  We will only use it for the information described above. 

Data retention and destruction

We will keep data only for so long as necessary.

Members' data – we will keep basic data such as name, address and email address for five years after a member's subscription has lapsed because in our experience, members often renew within that time frame.  After five years, we will anonymise the data as it important to have records of organisational membership but individual's names, email address, telephone and full postal details will be securely destroyed.

Event data – we will keep personal data supplied for an event for a maximum of five years after the event. We will then delete all personal data related to bookings.  Special category data will be deleted as soon as is reasonably practicable after each event takes place. Feedback after an event will also be deleted five years after the event.

Research – we will keep delete any personal data relating to research after a period of of ten years. 

External provider recommendations – it is valuable for members to have access to recommendations as knowledge sharing is key to the LETG. After a period of ten years of a recommendation being made, the recommendation, including personal details will be deleted. 


LETG will be transparent with the data subjects, specifically, and our members, generally, if any personal data is lost, stolen or compromised.

Any member wishing to know what personal data of theirs is held by the LETG should enquire in writing to Cathy Roberts, the LETG Co-ordinator, Buckhaven, Arrow Lane, Hartley Wintney, Hants RG27 8LR or via

This privacy statement was agreed by the LETG Committee in May 2018 and will be kept under review for the first year after May 2018, when the GDPR becomes enforceable.

There is a Linked In page for the LETG.  This is the responsibility of LinkedIn who have their own terms and notices in relation to it.

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